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about exactly why these two women had such access to the two men. sound like there were genuine friendships and family history, pictures attest to that. just seems there was a lot of communication, you know, and between the two very powerful men and these, these, other, jill kelley. a lot of question as but that. and, talk to dude about this story, make the point that, if the director of the cia gets busted for, you know, an infidelity, that may be a signal that everyone needs to be a little bit more better behavior. the fact that he was using a gmail account for awful this trying to hide things in the draft folder so nothing was truly sent. but they would have a shared account all in the draft folder that was the best that the cia director could come up with gmail? >> gmail? >> much lesser scale. some of the things you hear on the street. layman's reaction. >> from the dudes. >> dudes. >> like how you guys are trying
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to cover your hineys. >> not frying to cover. stories that make you go, hmm. the president talked about the looming fiscal cliff and what he said at the white house got a lot of attention on wall street. stocks sank because of fears there will not be a deal by end of the your to head off higher taxes and those steep spending cuts as well. the dow tumbled 185 points. almost 1.5%. overseas markets are trending lower this morning. the thing is, you hear people in other situations say the president, because now he doesn't face re-election is more than willing this team to perhaps let the country go off the fiscal cliff much more than he was last time around. so a real potential that everyone's taxes go up january 1. this is, they're not bluffing as much this time around. really could happen. >> overseas now where israeli aircraft, tanks and knave gun boats are pounding the gaza strip for a second day. >> this follows the military strike yesterday that killed a top hamas leader. the report from tel aviv on the newest wave of violence in the
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region. >> reporter: the car below is carrying hamas' top military commander. he has no idea he is in the cross hairs. then what israel called a surgical strike. in the blink of an eye, israel had killed one of its most wanted. jabari who for a decade led hamas' attacks against israel. the assassination the beginning of a barrage of air strikes on gaza that also targeted hamas' rockets. at least ten people were killed and dozens more wounded. we're at the beginning of the event said the israeli defense minister not at the end. israel's military warned hamas operatives not to show their faces above ground. hamas which controls the gaza strip and committed to israel's destruction fired rockets into southern israel and vowed revenge. saying the assassination, quote, opened the gates of hell. now to the investigation into the deadly meningitis outbreak. after getting grilled on capitol hill, the head of the fda has
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asked congress for more authority to oversee pharmacies like the one that sparked this outbreak. the owner of the massachusetts company was also in the hot seat, but he was not offering too much information. >> what explanation can you give the families? >> on advice of counsel -- i respectfully declean to answer on the basis of my constitutional right and privileges. >> pleading the fifth. the pharmacy that distributed tainted drugs had been investigated more than a dozen times in the past decade. so far, 32 people have died. and 450 were sickened. and those folks on capitol hill never like when folks plead the fifth in the hot seat. never goes over too well. lots of questions about the health and the -- health history and, safety and sanitation history of that, of that facility here. >> conditions were deplorable when they actually checked it out.
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hostess, speaking of health conditions. hostess twinkies, cupcakes and deng-dongs in danger of becoming collector's items. >> the snack food giant says if striking employees don't return to work by 5:00 p.m. eastern time to day it will move to liquidate the entire company. if that motion is granted hostess says it would begin shutting down operations and selling off assets as early as tuesday. that could mean the loss of 18,000 jobs. >> some baseball history to report on this thursday. mets' pitcher, r.a. dickey, the first knuckleballer to win the cy young award as national league's best pitcher. dickey, 20-6 last season on the mets' team, can we say underperformed. >> david price won the american league cy young. he had the lowest e.r.a. during a season in which he went 20-5. congratulations to both of those
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stars. >> 'tis the season here in new york when stores show off their most creative side with over the top holiday window,000 displays. >> the famous store, barney's unveiled theirs last night. something special from our parent company,,000 disney. characters like minnie mouse like they have never been animated before as super models no less. big boss, bill eiger is proud of this collaboration. >> i think it is going to illustrate yet again, the great characters are always in fashion and always in style. >> more good news here, a joint disney, barney's fashion line will be available during the holidays with 25% of the proceeds going to the red cross of course to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> sjp, sarah jessica parker, channelling inner minnie mouse. the search nor bigfoot some interesting characters running around in the wood. >> don't miss that hard-hitting piece. almost the holiday travel season
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as we all know. that means long lines, delays, and flight attendants under a lot more pressure than usual. the on board freak-out is next here on "world news now." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark.
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♪ ♪ well, the holiday travel season is quickly approaching. and with it, of course, the stress that comes with flying, overstuffed carry-on bags, crowded flights, the crying babies. hmm. >> you don't like the crying babies, do you? >> the worst sound. >> most stressed people on board may be the flight crew the now they're getting some help. here is abc's senior national correspondent, j jim have la. >> reporter: famously caught on tape, airborne freakouts. this american eagle flight attendant, roughly inviting parents to, how do they say it, deplane. the infamous jet blue flight attendant steven slater grabbed a beer from the galley. >> are you going to lose your
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job? >> more than likely. >> reporter: and bolted through the emergency exit at new york's jfk. >> the job has become more stressful because when passengers get on they're already stressed. >> reporter: sheila dale a veteran u.s.airways flight attendant and suffered her own traumatic stressful day in 20095 board the miracle on the hudson flight that crash landed in the river. >> there was a shudder the a few minutes later we heard, this is the captain, brace for impact. >> reporter: unable to sleep for days and with no one to talk to dale wished he had some one to call which drove her to set up peer to peer hot line, using 46 volunteers in the second year to answer flight attendant crisis calls at all hours. >> we help people deal with death on board, serious illness on board, security issues, weather issues, turbulence. >> reporter: the association of flight attendants says incident reports show stress comes from
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passengers too. demanding drinks and cussing. another did some karate moves then rushed at her with his hand out in a choking way. susan gillian became part of the crisis team after an emergency landing made her afraid to fly. >> sometimes i would just turn around and go right back home. and say it wasn't meant to be. i used all my sick time. >> reporter: aviation jobs some of the most stressful in business today. flight attendants are learning to comfort each other as they try to prevent any more midair freakouts. jim avila, abc news, philadelphia. >> wow. i think most people find the holidays very stressful. no matter what you are doing or where you are going. own job where you have to deal with the public that frequently, close contact. that can't be easy for the flight attendants. it can't be. >> and i am never comfortable to fly. everybody is uncomfortable. might be sitting next to someone that has some -- odor issues or -- crying baby. >> the funky person.
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some times you get the crying baby. some times you get the person who really wants to talk the whole flight. >> i hate that. >> oh, i hate that. please shut up. you can never shut them up. i get why the folks go a little nuts some times. it's never easy. >> i flew back to chicago, i had a scarf and put it over my head. so i didn't deal with any body. including my daughter. >> very subtle. >> sleeping. >> was she behaving? >> i gave her benadryl. she has not been feeling well. she conked out. >> multiple benefits to that strategy. next up they're on the hunt. >> they're the big foot hunters out there, seeking sassquatch. more people doing it these days than you might thing including rob. we'rhi, i'm jon secada.ew of did you ow that chronic hepatitis c affects approximimately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years
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my father never said how sick he was g getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the optitios with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be vivisitg him at home, instead of here. if you still think there strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn re at tune in to hep c dot com.
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♪ you better watch out >> ufos, loch ness mon steshstm monster under your bed. the grandaddy of them all, big foot. skeptics including both of us here say it doesn't exist. >> the mythical sasquatch eluded people for decade. the footprint brings them closer to proving everybody wrong. here is abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: a rag tag team of globetrotting researchers as serious about big foot as the pope is about religion. big foot, sasquatch, yeti, it is often a punchline. people are incredibly skeptical. >> you get punched if you say that stuff around me. >> reporter: like we said, they are really into big foot. never mind the fact that the only thing any one knows for sure about the legendary beast it has been wildly successful at filling tabloids.
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subject of terrible b movies and generally serving as an all-around punchline. matt moneymaker, rene holland and james bobo fey are real life big foot hunters. with every bit of technology, night vision gear and sensors they can get their hand on, the group travels the world investigating big foot sightings. why are people fascinated by big foot? >> well, first it is more than one, it's not big foot, it's big foots. a misconception we are looking around for this one thing. >> reporter: adventures and investigations make up two and soon to be three seasons of the animal planet show "finding big foot." why is there no good photo or video? the famous photo and film to go with it known as the patterson-gimlin film taken in 1967. to our surprise it is no joke to the big foot crew which studied it and tried to re-create it to determine itch it was staged. >> most people look at this and
2:51 am
say this is a guy in a suit? >> they're wrong. it has much more muscle mass. see it in motion. parts of anatomy. if you know what a person looks like, and you know that doesn't look like a person in a costume. that looks like a real animal. >> reporter: they studied tracks too. evidence they say of an unidentified large primate-like beast, with you guessed it. very big feet. >> mr. like a person. just a wild kind of primitive man that, i'm, they can talk the i have heard him talk out in the woods. >> reporter: they say they have identified a big foot call. here is your chance to turn up the vl unanimo the volume on your television and see if anything strange comes knocking. whoo-whoo! >> reporter: beep sure to keep a camera handy if anything shows up. i'm neal karlinsky in seattle. >> awesome. finding big foot. debuts on animal planet i
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believe this weekend. set your dvr. >> ratings will be huge, i have no doubt. >> coming up, being reward ford doing the right things not the dumb things. >> the morning's "the mix" coming up next. don't go far. the truth about mascara is... it clumps.
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introducing a revolutionary new mascara. clump crusher...crusher. 200% more volume. zero clumps. new clump crusher from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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. [ laughter ] >> welcome to "the mix," everybody. what are the most annoy things that happens in the movie theater besides somebody stealing popcorn and kicking the seat. the cell phone. how many times do they have to warn people to turn their cell phone off. if the cell phone rings it is distracting. >> do you turn yours off, you are addicted? >> no. nobody knows. abc is always calling. got to go to work. >> uh-huh. >> cinemark, launched application, cinemode. download it. go into the theater. start the application. tracks you. if you haven't used your phone. end of the movie it gives you, send you a digital coupon, reward, earn rewards every time
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you see a movie at cinemark. add it up. discounted tickets. >> see, need incentives in society to be polite. that's sad. turn it off. nice to detach. turn it off in the movie. this is cool, speaking of cell phones. researchers at virginia tech are trying to investigate some kind of new material to put in your cell phones if you are low, power runs out, you can simply, shake the phone a little bit. >> shake weight. >> yeah. to give it a little bit -- >> you -- >> got to shake it. not that i know what that is like. shake the phone. not a lot. enough for a quick text or quick call. trying to dfl evelop this thing. turns vibrations into energy and charges the phone. voe folks at virginia tech keep trying. everybody hates. shake it. >> shaking, vibrations, energy. uh-huh. this, honestly. saw the study. i'm like this is completely
2:57 am
true. polled 2,000,000 wi women, wome mr. time oogling other women than men do. we begin with, we are checking out other women's cleavage. checking out their size. >> height? >> their height. everything. their tan. their hair style. and their clothes. we are trying to size one another up. they say most happens on the beach. we love having a good look at other women sun bathing. >> you are checking out the girls more than i am, i am just talking, not paying attention to anything. >> those are cute shoes. >> checking out the lady. i am not really? that's the theory there. >> a matter of kind of comparing ourselves to one another. our own insecurities. but we also love to see what other girls are sporting. some of the other things. hair color, breast size, shoes, bag, and cell to light. by the way i want that skirt. >> ha-ha. see, okay. i can, women are naturally competitive like that. you all do size up the
2:58 am
competition a little bit. but no one beats -- you know, a man. we stay in a
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this morning on "world news now" -- president obama talking tough in defense of his u.n. ambassador and in advance of important economic talks with congress. >> mr. obama also commenting for the first time on the firestorm around his former cia chief. it is thursday, november 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." well, that hour-long news conference at the white house yesterday had a little bit of everything on plenty of hot button topics. good morning, everybody on this thursday. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we'll get to the president and the latest with the women,
3:01 am
plural, in the petraeus scandal straight ahead. and we'll hear from mitt romney for the first time since his election defeat. what he is saying about obama campaign tactics raising a couple eyebrows. then an inspiring story, the young lady who ran a long, a really, really long way. mostly barefoot on top of that. why she did it coming up. >> she is going to need a pedicure. >> bunion city. are you hungry this morning? are you? >> always every morning. >> that's just it. >> fact of life on this shift. >> i have been doing cooking with a guy you mae have seen on tv. we will get hot and heavy in the kitchen with marcus samuelson. plenty of meat in the story. stay tuned. we like stories with substance. >> first, both sides are laying out the battle lines over the looming budget crisis in washington. house speaker john boehner says republicans want to cooperate but not by raising taxes.
3:02 am
>> here we go again. president obama addressed the crisis rather and other challenges he faces in his first post-victory news conference. abc's karen travers is joining us from washington with more. hi, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. white house officials say they were expecting the president to get tough questions and yesterday he got them on a wide range of issues. in his first press conference in eight months, president obama said the american people knew what they were getting when they re-elected him. and his takeaway from last week's results -- >> i have got a mandate to help middle-class families. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff and mandatory spending cuts and tax increases is looming at the end of the year. >> i want a big deal. i want a comprehensive deal. >> reporter: the preside reiterated he is not backing down from the campaign pledge. >> a modest tax increase on the wealthy is not going to break their backs. they'll still be wealthy. >> reporter: congressional republicans say they're welling
3:03 am
to compromise for a deal, but on that issue they're standing firm. >> we know that you can't raise taxes enough to solve the problem. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, president obama took a wide range of questions. he launched a strong defense of u.n. ambassador susan rice whose been under fire from republicans for the administration's handling of the benghazi attack. >> she has done exemplarily work. if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> reporter: for the first time, president obama weighed in on the scandal that cost david petraeus his job as cia director. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: tomorrow the president sits down with leaders from both parties at the white house. and their big topic, the fiscal cliff. rob, paula, back to you.
3:04 am
>> a fly on that wall. the president takes a break today from the fiscal crisis ills to visit some storm damaged areas here in new york. the president will meet with residents and first responders during an afternoon visit. thousand of people on long island are still without power. now more than two weeks after sandy hit. new york's governor has asked for $30 billion in federal money to rebuild after the storm. >> they need it. former cia director, david petraeus, will be on capitol hill tomorrow to testify about the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. petraeus was head of the cia en ambassador chris stevens and throw americans were killed. he visited libya shortly thereafter. his testimony is going to be limited to the events in benghazi only. the closed hearing will not deal with his extramarital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. the fbi is investigating whether broadwell violated the law for storing military documents including classified
3:05 am
material on her computer. the army has suspended her security clearance and jill kelley the other woman who triggered the investigation into broadwell has been stripped of a special access pass to macdill air force base in tampa. >> the plot thickens. wow. >> where is the flow chart? >> woo, getting tough to follow. really tough to follow. trying to sort it out. for the first time since his concession speech, mitt romney is speaking out abut his election day defeat and does sound a little bitter. >> the wound i think are still a little raw. during a conference call wit his top donors, romney said president obama won re-election because of quote, gifts to black, hispanic and young voters. so-called gifts include obamacare, the dream act, contraception for women and break on college loans. >> what the president, president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gift from the government. and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote.
3:06 am
>> romney's comments echo the 47% remark he's made during a fund raiser, suggesting obama supporters relied on government handouts. he also said, he was surprised by the loss. something you will hear about in 2016, where you used to live in louisiana, the governor, bobby jindall, staunch romney supporterch these remarks, are categorically untrue. >> jindall, as conservative as they get weft have got to stop dividing the american voters. if we are going to be a competitive party and when elections on the national stage, and fight for principles we need two messages, one we are fighting for 100% of the votes. and second, our policies, benefit every american who wants to pursue the american dream. a lot of infighting between republicans. it is reminiscent, comments, about, the 47% tape, i'm
3:07 am
confused as to how contraception, health care or college loans are racial issues and how they're, they're gifts to people. as opposed to tools to help people live a better or healthier life. >> you have to think this, this phone call with some of the top donors. here he was, they gave basically $900 million. sure they had some questions and were demanding some answers. because he didn't expect to raise $500 million. there he was raising $900 million. they're look what happened. you were telling us one thing. it didn't pan out. to be that way on election day. >> people write big checks. don't get what they want. you have to,000 tell them something. some could interpret divisive comments against the very voters republicans need to win back in their tent to be relevant in elections. latinos huge. young people, huge. went for obama 60%. i don't understand why you would continue to say these things if you want the gop to do better
3:08 am
during elections down the road. >> why bobby jindall is distancing himself. looking to 2016. moving on to other news, the fda is looking into whether the drink five hour energy could be tied to the deaths of 13 people over the last four years. the agency says since 2009, the popular, highly caffeinated drink cited in 90 reports involving injuries. makers of five hour energy say they take such reports seriously but are unaware of any deaths linked to their product. >> if this shift doesn't kill us. then what we drink is going to. >> something gets us all. right. >> soda can pack on the pound. a report out this morning says alcohol is almost as fattening as those sugary drinks. >> crushing news. cdc scientists say the problem is alcohol much look soda contains almost new nutrients but is full of calories. they found on average, alcoholic
3:09 am
drinks klt for 5% of calories consumed by adults. soda and other sweetened drinks account for 6%. >> qualify that. there are some alcoholic beverages not high in calories. vodka. >> there you go. you have done research. appreciate that. here is to happy hour, folks. >> a truly amazing young woman who is hopefully resting a bit today. she is rae hime, r into manhattan beach, california, yesterday. barefoot. >> wow, exactly how she spent most of the last seven months running barefoot from boston to southern california. think about that. from boston to southern cali. all to raise money and awareness for the soles for souls charity, which gives shoes to kids who don't have them. >> you have to kind of look around a little bit to see what you can do to help. you don't necessarily need to run across the country to get shoes on kids' feet. >> wow, she raised $10,000 along
3:10 am
the way. received donations at 8,500 pairs of shoes. himes says it is easy to help. $1 equals a pair of shoes for some one who need them. >> her feet look good. >> thought they would be bloodied, battered. the guy in the wheelchair there, that is actually her boyfriend who finished the race with her. which is amazing. for both of them. great to see that. >> i have a lot of close friend that are runners, covered a couple marathons. actually some people look to run bare feet. there are theories out there it is better for your feet to run barefoot than to run with shoes on. >> whoo. >> look out for the glass. >> good luck with that, folks. man. >> coming up, some cooking on this friday eve. in the kitchen with one of the most recognizable chefs on the planet. >> and his meat. fir fst, a lottery scam that was years in the making. the original winners seem to be on the losing end big time. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ so untrue ♪ ♪ honesty is hardly ever heard ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brut ought to you by so stream.
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♪ honesty ♪ is such a lonely word
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♪ everyone is so untrue >> this next story is pretty wild. instant millionaires versus instant karma. two brother whose claim to have won millions of dollars on a scratchoff lottery ticket are facing charges. >> i remember when we did the story, why haven't they turned the winning ticket in. they waited six years. they're accused of cheating the real winner, robert miles, out of a $5 million prize and then waiting years upon years to collect it. abc's steve osunsami has this story. >> reporter: andy ashcar still claims he bought the winning scratchoff ticket himself in 2006 at his family's syracuse univen ye convenience story and waited six years to split it with his brother because he thought the cash would negatively affect the engagement to his girlfriend. >> i would hope at some point in the last six years. >> reporter: lottery officials
3:16 am
say that was the fir s clue, love or not. no one waits that long to claim $5 million. >> $5 million. >> waited until now. >> reporter: they put out a detailed press release hoping it would lead them to the winner. prosecutors are calling the brothers chelats and crooks saying they swindled the ticket from a father of two on top of the world. in october 2006 he was cashing in the winning ticket at the corner store confused by the number of zeros. >> what he saw was a 5 and a bunch of zeros. he made the mistake of trusting the person that sold him the ticket. police say the man he bind the counter told him he won $5,000 opposed to $5 million and offered to pay him $4,000 on the spot to avoid taxes and complications. john doe took the cash. >> for six years he has lived a pedestrian life, struggling and working hard. and i -- would be just thrilled to death to see his life completely changed around.
3:17 am
>> reporter: if convicted, andy ashcar could face 25 years, for criminal possession of stolen property. his 36-year-old brother, 15 years for grand larceny and conspiracy to commit fraud. in a statement overnight their lawyers told us the brothers adamantly maintain their innocence and have the strong support of their family and friends. >> wow, the guy, robert miles, maintenance worker could get $1.5 million right away. good for him. >> a city buildings maintenance worker. if anybody deserves it, he does. >> indeed. coming up next, folks. let's eat! folks, let's do it! >> coming up my culinary adventure with the one, only, marcus samuelson. we are cooking it up -- hot -- next! here on "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ one meatball >> that song, guys, if you are not hungry now you will be in two minutes. get ready for our favorite topic, food! >> mm, i visited the harlem restaurant of marcus samuels. and his story is fascinating. born in ethiopia, or fanned age of 2. adopted by a swedish family. raised in sweden. he calls the u.s. home. all reflected in the menus at his many restaurants for. me he made a personal fave, swedish meatballs his grandmother's recipe. >> i am happy you finally came
3:20 am
into my kitchen. >> i am not sure you want me in your kitchen. what is the recipe? >> meatballs, pickled cucumber. very simple recipe. comes from the incredible book, the culinary council have put together the holiday, thanksgiving cookbook. take a cucumber. simple. slice them down. everyone can help out. do. there you go. walter. then we have little bit of chili flakes. the heat. chili peppers. mustard. and sugar. going to bring this to a boil. meatballs, that is one dish, everybody knows, swedish, think about swedish meatballs. >> swedish meatballs. ikea? >> no, not ikea. swedish meatballs. that's it. how i got into cooking. i grew up, with my grandmother helga, an old-fashioned recipe.
3:21 am
never change the recipe. >> we put heavy cream, an egg. throw types of meat. what is this right here? bread crumbs. heating up the pan. olive oil. >> little olive oil. and this guy, butter. and just like some where around 4:00. think about wow the whole country is eating turkey right now. >> the whole country is in a food coma. >> you scary them off. then they look like that. >> that looks amazing. >> with more heavy whipping cream, correct? >> pickling solution. and add it. you can add in cranberryiecranb. the meatballs are so delicious. they're on the men to here. you ready to eat? >> uh-huh. i am a professional eater. that's fabulous. >> good, right? >> amazing.
3:22 am
>> ooh. looking good. >> 24, youngest winner of top chef masters. a world renowned chef. yet loves the recipe from his grandma. >> sweet! you should have brought some. >> i know. i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans,
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♪ oh i need someone to read me stories ♪ ♪ oh someone to turn the page ♪ ♪ oh >> too bad that basketball players can't get nominated for academy award. because some of the best acting is taking place right on the hardwood. >> yeah, it is called flopping. players taking dives in order to draw the foul. and it almost make prose questionprose -- professional wrestling look real. and, yeah, officials they're cracking down. here is abc's nick watt. >> reporter: kentucky's coach
3:26 am
just basically accused duke of cheating, theatrical action to the slightest conduct. >> they're flopping all over the place. in the nba they would be suspended. >> reporter: not quite. this season in the pros for the first time they're punishing bad acting. >> that is a flop. >> lebron's tumble against the pacers in the playoffs last season the a bad example for kids in the stand right. are you glad they're going to clamp down on the floppers this year? >> yeah, get that out of here. >> reporter: no place in the game? >> that's whack. >> reporter: and drew one of the first official warning for, names and shame on the website. fines draw $30,000,000. there is an instructional video. >> ill legitimad illegitimate p. >> flopping doesn't do it justice.
3:27 am
trekker trickery, deceit. >> but they have learned from the likes of soccer. watch this guy using an opponent's hand to punch himself in the place when ecuador played chile last year. >> you work for this your whole life, god given talent. get to the nba. and you fall over. >> some guys do it better than others? >> reporter: name some names for us? all right, then i will. chris bosh, heat/bulls, february, last year. flop. >> don't think he is hit. >> got academy award coming up. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> oh, wow. good they're cracking down. people have been complaining for that a lot of years. >> i think there is just a lot of bad acting going on. rob, are you okay? >> man, i need some workman's comp. i'm out. see y'all in the spring when it warms up. >>. you go, i go. we go down as a team together. flip-flopping. >> medical leave, i'm hurt.
3:28 am
oh, lord. >> don't worry about him. ♪
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- restricted access for the women at the center of the sex scandal that took down david petraeus. >> the moves against paula broadwell and jill kelley as we hear from the president about the case for the first time. it's thursday, november 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." those comments made by the president. they came in response to the first question yesterday at his white house news conference. good morning, from new york, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. the president commented on plenty of other issues as well. we'll get to some of those coming up. some very interesting moments. kind of, ran the gamut yesterday, the things the
3:31 am
president addressed. his plate is full shall we say. >> running over. >> this half-hour, say it isn't so. hostess could today actually be the iconic company's final day in business ever? lunch boxes around the country may never be the same. the countdown is now on. so should we all run out there and stock up on those twinkies? the deadline just hours away. dispute with the union, they say if you guys can't come back into the work force, we can't afford this. we are just going to have to go away. >> no more twinkies. >> it's sad. and then -- mitt romney, the guy who ran the lengthy race for president, he has been talking tactics with his biggest donors since his defeat. and those comments getting a heated response from democrats. post defeat post-mortem is coming up. finally we, have talked a lot about anderson cooper, former anchor here on "world news now." we'll get a little bit more about our friend ac this morning. a mention that he may not actually like.
3:32 am
he made a very interesting list, shall we say, and we have this reaction to that list coming of in "the skinny." stay tuned for that. first new details on the washington sex scandal that is growing more tangled every minute. we now know the identity of the fbi agent who triggered the investigation into the petraeus affair. >> frederick humphries, a veteran agent who infamously sent shirtless pictures of himself to a key player in the scandal. and president obama now has spoken out about the unfolding mess. abc's mark greenblat has the latest on that. good morning, mark. >> reporter: paula, rob, good morning. the president's remarks came in his first press conference since the election. and he tried to remind the nation that there is more to the david petraeus story than just an affair. the president weighed in for the first time on the sex scandal that captured the nation's attention.
3:33 am
and forced david petraeus to resign as director of the cia admitting to an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. >> i have no evidence that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: another respected four-star general caught up in the scandal got a vote of confidence from the secretary of defense. john allen is accused of exchanging potentially inappropriate e-mails with tampa socialite jill kelley who sparked the petraeus investigation. >> he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces. >> reporter: but the military didn't pull punches with kelley while she is under investigation, revoking special access to the are force base in tampa where she was allowed to walk around without a military escort. and broadwell was seen sipping a glass of wine. the reserve intelligence officer is suspected of storing significant amounts of confidential material at her home and could face prosecution. fbi director robert muller, briefed members of the intelligence committees not saying what they talked
3:34 am
about. >> no comment. >> reporter: in an about-face, petraeus said he will partially break his silence and testify in a closed-door session about congress on the attack in benghazi. and the president said in the end he hopes the paula broadwell affair will be a blip on the radar for david petraeus' otherwise stellar career. mark greenblat, abc news, new york. paul, rob, back to you. >> thank you, mark. well the president spoke on a range of other challenges he faces after winning a second term. on the budget crisis, the president said he was given a mandate by middle-class voters to protect their interests. and he said again that he wanted the rich to pay more taxes as a way of helping reduce the growing deficit. the president said he would address global climate change as well. one of the hot button moments came when he addressed criticism of u.s. ambassador susan rice. he said critics should go after him not after his ambassador. that really was when the president was most charged up and animated for sure yesterday.
3:35 am
really, the -- it's, senator john mccain, has issue with how this was handled as well as lindsay graham, and lindsay graham with a pretty fiery statement said, mr. president don't think for one minute that i don't hold you ultimately responsible for benghazi. i think you failed as commander-in-chief, before, during and after the attack. given what i know now i have no intention of promoting any one who is up to their eyeballs in the benghazi debacle. and susan rice currently u.n. ambassador, being floated as hillary clinton's successor. >> also interesting, some report going on about how, times have changed though. because obviously, many years ago when they were nominated condoleezza rice to be secretary of the state at the time, she was national security adviser she had gone around saying about the weapons of mass destruction in iraq, other intelligence. ended up proving false at the time. mccain stood by her. despite obviously the wrong information that she was disseminating at the time. saying "i am not going to mention my colleague's name.
3:36 am
some of the remarks aimed at her during the hearings, challenged her integrity. we can disagree on policy and a lot of things but i think it is clear that condoleezza rice is a person of integrity. so, it is interesting. how times have changed. what, really, a parallel between, you know there is intelligence failures then there are massive intelligence failures he didn't have an issue with condoleezza and wmds, now taking issue with susan rice and benghazi, the difference seven years can make. >> the president is keeping an eye on the growing violence in the middle east. israel carried out more than 50 air strikes in gaza including this one. which killed the military leader of hamas. egypt withdrew its ambassador to israel in protest of the attack last night. the palestinian officials asked the u.n. security council to halt the attacks. oil giant bp is expected to plead guilty today for its role in the massive 2010 oil spill off the gulf coast. according to terms reached with the justice department, bp would
3:37 am
admit negligence and other failures leading up to that spill, and would also pay fines probably to the tune of billions of dollars. in exchange though the company would be exempt from future prosecution. a press conference with a.g., eric holder set for new orleans later today reportedly. ticktock, the clock is ticking down to what could be the end of an american institution. >> snack food giant hostess says if striking employees don't return to work by 5:00 p.m. eastern time to day, it will file a motion of bankruptcy court to liquidate the entire company. if that motion is granted the company could shut down as early as tuesday meaning that no more twinkies, no more cupcakes, no more ding-dongs. well the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting has reportedly injured himself in jail. prompting a judge to postpone his hearing. the source says that james holmes was hospitalized after intentionally ramming his head into a wall in his cell. defense attorneys however
3:38 am
refused to elaborate on his condition. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 during that midnight showing of the batman movie back in july. the man who confessed to killing etan patz indicted for murdering the boy. police say pedro hernandez gave a detailed account of what happened to the child more than 30 years ago. defense lawyers say that hernandez is mentally ill. with that here is your thursday forecast, everybody. chilly morning along much of the east coast. with showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas through florida. snow flurries in the dakotas. foggy in california from l.a. to san francisco. >> mostly 50s in the pacific northwest. central rockies, great plains. 30 in fargo. 40s from the midwest into the northeast. well, let's chalk this one up to the fact it is early in the basketball season. maybe that's why this youngster did what he did. >> we are going to go to belgium where one guy is taking a foul shot. rebounded by the defender who then tries putting it into his own hoop. he can't even do that.
3:39 am
>> oh, wow. >> no, four lay-up attempts. finally his teammates save him without a point being scored against them. no wonder we never see them, see them pass the ball to that dude again. oh. how embarrassing. everyone is on the other side of the court. >> one, two. >> the other dude is like -- come on, man! >> hey, hey, idiot, wrong -- wrong rim! >> sad on multiple levels, my friend. oh. uh, hate to see that. learned a valuable lesson. coming up next, a windy city party in your mouth. how's that for a tease? >> what did you just say? >> hey, stick around for that one. >> but first -- mitt romney, assigning blame for his loss. you are watching "world news now." ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ have no fear of giving in ♪ say what you mean to say
3:40 am
♪ have no fear of giving in
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3:42 am
3:43 am
♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say >> would you just say what you mean to say? >> always do. >> come on. >> you don't have an issue with that. may sound like sour grapes as mitt romney tried to explain his election day loss. >> while talking to some of his biggest donors wednesday, romney kind of echoed his 47% remark suggesting the president bought his
3:44 am
re-election victory. here is abc's david muir. >> reporter: mitt romney leaving his hotel the day after the election. next to the convention center where he hoped to deliver the one speech he had written. his victory speech. but now in the week since the election, abc news has learned mitt romney has been explaining his loss to his closest advisers and top donors and it started at a breakfast the very next morning. perhaps his most eye opening explanations yet during his conference call with a larger group of donors. romney arguing president obama won in part because of gifts the obama administration had given to particular groups in this country. what the president, president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> reporter: among those groups the gifts went to, romney discusses the african-american community, young people and the
3:45 am
hispanic community, here, offering one of the gift to them. >> what the president did is he gave them two things. one a big gift on immigration with the dream act amnesty program. >> reporter: and the second thing in order to get hispanic voters. number two put in place obamacare which is basically $10,000 a family. a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money from the government to a group and guess what they will vote for you. >> reporter: sources telling me this has been romney's argument since the moment he realize heed lost, telling the closest circle the very next morning that america is becoming an entitled society some americans are asking government to solve problems for things they can't afford. >> the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> reporter: just when you thought the election was over, david axelrod, obama strategist tweeting after learning of the recording, looking at america through the 47% prism, mitt tells donors, the takers did him in.
3:46 am
david muir, abc news, new york. >> wow. just trying to figure out how immigration, college and health care are racial issues. and then secondly, i know again, narrative out of the election, folks of color got president obama in. if you look at all the numbers trending in the president's direction, weeks, months, in november, job approval rating was up, direction of the economy poll numbers were up, overall direction of the country was, a bigger story than to say blacks, latinos, single women looking for contraception. got together to get the president back in. part of it. a big parting of it. not the only part of it. for a party that need to bring people back in, there is a pretty divisive things. >> yeah, somewhat surprising. but they ran on that. we need to really limit the entitlement programs. i think that is going to be a challenge to rein those in to bring down the national debt as well. he is obviously looking at it as a numbers game. and he is a numbers guy. >> after the 47% tape. thought the country learned some
3:47 am
lessons about that. it's tough. still. the aftermath is always divisive, i guess. >> you also have donors that just basically gave $900 million to a campaign they thought they were going to win. what happened? >> they can't be happy. for sure. >> when we come back, time for the thursday morning, skinny. three simple words. >> sexiest man alive -- the big list is out. "the skinny" is coming up next. stay with us.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny somebody tha i >> somebody that is not skinny, somebody a biftt of a hottie, according to "people" magazine. named their sexiest man alive. it is channing tatum. if you saw the movie "magic mike" i know you did. took all your guy friend, don't you. he is the 2012 sexiest man alive. the alabama-bred actor, his first reaction was like y'all are messing with me. he is also a sculptor. loves to give his wife massages. can't wait to start his family. >> i think he said he found out got the phone call while he was washing his two dogs in the tub with his wife. >> washing his wife. >> washing the dogs. >> washing the dogs who had been skunked. he is in training to play an
3:50 am
olympic athlete in next year's "fox catcher." 195 pound. when i am not training i get really round and soft. his wife refers to him as the sexiest man alive. >> cool thing. boost his career. you didn't see the movie? >> i really didn't. really didn't have any interest. [ laughter ] i didn't. >> moving on. another very interesting list out in "people" magazine, featuring someone you all know well out there, mr. anderson cooper. andy cohen from bravo stopped by anderson's show and unveiled the news to him. take a listen. >> have you seen this "50 shades of grey." look, the silver fox. look. >> no, no, no, this is not good. first of all, this is a scale of gray haired people. and i am at the very bottom as the grayest of gray. >> so they put out a list of gray-haired hotties, ted danson, bill clinton, morgan freeman, harrison ford, anderson cooper
3:51 am
on the list as well. may not be too happy about it. kind of funny. >> it is funny. something that is not funny. >> the commish is on the list too. >> the commish? >> from the football segments. >> jon bon jovi, the song "bad medicine" kind of apropos, his only daughter, 19 years old found unresponsive in her upstate new york college dorm room charged with drug possession. they rushed her to a hospital. and stephanie bon jovi was arrested, misdemeanor possession of heroin, misdemeanor marijuana possession, criminally using drug paraphernalia. and violation related to the marijuana. she overdosed on heroin. friends say she has been on a destructive path. undergoing a drug problem a long time. friends and family have been worried about her getting her to rehab. sometimes she just falls off the face of the earth for extended periods of time. >> hope she gets better. >> real quick, the story this week about the guy who accused the elmo guy of having inappropriate sexual relations.
3:52 am
he recanted the charges. now criminal history, the guy, a wannabe model, lengthy criminal record including robbing somebody at knifepoint. if you want to get somebody in trouble. don't think your dirty laundry won't come to light as well.
3:53 am
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will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's my jam right there. >> keep going. >> jamie foxx. >> it's hard to imagine improving on rob's singing and improving on the donut. sugar, frosting, cream, jelly. but apparently there is something missing. >> yes, indeed. the aforementioned party in your mouth, as we referred to it early ter in the half-hour, this is that story. the thing missing alcohol. don't worry now there is a bakery taking care of the glaring oversight. and frank matthew from our chicago station, wls, has the
3:56 am
story. >> reporter: at delightful pastries on west lawrence, they're taking care of two of our dietary vices eat ing fattening food. and drinking booze. they're the one and only bakers of drunken donuts. >> drunken donuts are regular donuts filled with liqueur, liquored up custard and liquored up jams. >> reporter: drunken donuts are sold for $3 apiece at all three delightful pastries. s you might imagine the recipes call for fillings with a buzz. >> i am stirring up the passion fruit jelly with the orange liqueur, pouring the the booze in, and stirring up some more so it has the right balance. >> reporter: adult only fillings without donuts to fill is like a glass without a drink. so deep fried donuts become the delicious surroundings for the alcohol flavored injections. >> this is the last step of our drunken donuts.
3:57 am
we are filling them with our boozed up custard. >> reporter: these recipes by the way are nothing new. just ask dover's mother, sasha. >> oh my god. >> reporter: 17th century. wow. boozy donuts. >> boozy donuts. they're so good, oh, my god. i love them. >> reporter: the custard vodka. and the chocolate godiva liqueur. to steal a line from a kenny chesney song, one is one too many. and two is never enough. i wonder if these things are legal? >> yes it is. we cook the fillings with the alcohol. so we have a lot of flavor left over. >> reporter: you still have to wonder can you get a ticket for driving with an open container of these drunken donuts in your car. >> looks good to me. looks like mom had a few before she got on the air. >> i need some donuts. one more reason to go back to
3:58 am
chicago. >> send them. send them here, please. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am

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